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Detwiler Law handles criminal cases of all levels, from minor misdemeanors to serious felonies. For every client, we employ a results-oriented approach based on the facts and circumstance of the individual case.

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney in Raleigh, NC

Whether you are facing criminal charges for a first-time offense or you have a criminal record that could lead to more severe consequences, Chris has the skills needed to represent you in a variety of criminal cases. The Law Office of Christopher R. Detwiler, PLLC has represented clients charged with criminal offenses throughout the Wake County area, in the following types of cases:


Simple Assault

Aggravated Assault


Assault with a Deadly Weapon

Domestic Violence

Sexual Assault and Battery


Drug Offenses

Property Crimes

Probation Violations

Traffic Violations

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Chris is a highly dedicated criminal defense attorney who values his clients' well-being and legal rights. He is driven by a genuine concern for individuals who have been accused of criminal offenses, and approaches each case with a deep sense of empathy and works tirelessly to defend his clients' interests.

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Types of Cases a Criminal Lawyer Can Help Defend

The Law Office of Christopher R. Detwiler, PLLC works with clients in a variety of practice areas. From misdemeanor to felony offenses, you’ll find that Chris is experienced, strategic, and talented in practicing criminal defense law in Raleigh, NC, and the surrounding areas.

Drug Crimes

Drug offenses can result in fines, imprisonment, and a criminal record that follows you around for life. Drug crimes can impact future employment and housing opportunities and wreak havoc on your life if not represented by a skilled drug crime defense lawyer. There are a variety of different types of drug charges, from possession, intent to sell, drug trafficking, and more. If you are facing a drug crime charge in Raleigh, NC, contact Chris at The Law Office of Christopher R. Detwiler, PLLC to learn about your options for legal representation.


Driving under the influence and driving while impaired are offenses that prosecutors and judges take seriously. Chris has successfully represented DWI clients and understands that one bad judgment call or mistake should not destroy your entire future and livelihood. When you work with The Law Office of Christopher R. Detwiler, PLLC you can expect the best possible defense related to your DWI case with a focus on winning and avoiding long-term repercussions.

Violent Crimes

Violent crimes often encompass assault charges that range from simple assault to more serious charges like an assault with a deadly weapon or assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to kill inflicting serious injury. Working with Chris Detwiler, you will find that there are several ways to contest violent crime charges.

Sex Crimes

Sex crimes include sexual battery, indecent liberties with a child, and rape. If you have been falsely accused of a sex crime, it’s essential to secure a legal mind who understands the unique nature of representing clients in these cases. Chris understands how a guilty verdict could uproot and destroy your life, which is why he implements the best approach to fight for you.

Property Crime

Whether trespassing, larceny, injury to property, breaking and entering, arson, or vandalism, property crimes encompass a broad range of offenses. Chris has experience representing clients charged with a variety of different property crimes and can help you avoid a conviction.

Benefits of Detwiler’s Criminal Defense Law Firm

Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or with a serious felony, it is vital to meet with a successful criminal defense attorney. When working with The Law Office of Christopher R. Detwiler, PLLC you are getting legal experience combined with Chris’ passion and tenacity to win your case.

Every client that comes to this law firm can have the peace of mind that he or she is receiving quality legal services. Chris has extensive experience working with area prosecutors and the district attorney’s office and will focus on winning when handling the legal issues surrounding your case. While no attorney can ever guarantee an outcome, Chris will always fight your criminal charges with the focus of avoiding a guilty verdict and winning your case, whether you are facing a first-degree murder charge or a first-time traffic violation.

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Detwiler Law

I hired Chris To represent me for a speeding ticket of 59 in a 35 in a school zone. He got me off with no points on my license and no Increase in my insurance. He, along with his whole entire staff is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and walked me through the process step-by-step. They offered prompt, clear responses to all of my questions. The communication with the office is top-notch. I am absolutely thrilled with my outcome. Chris is absolutely amazing and I would highly recommend.
Chris Detwiler was my first attorney and will continue to remain my go-to attorney because he is the textbook definition of someone who’s got your back. He is all things professional, attentive to his clients and their cases, clear in communication, compassionate in posture, and provides fantastic service all around. I’m so grateful that my friend recommended Chris to me and I’ve continued to do the same for anyone that is in need of representation for traffic tickets. Thank you Chris for all you do!
Chris and his staff made me feel like my case was the only one they had when it came to questions, updates regarding case, what to expect and how he was going to represent me. I was in awe of Chris when my case was finally heard, the knowledge he has and the way he dictated that knowledge, I can never thank Chris and his amazing staff enough. FYI thanks to Chris I was found NOT GUILTY. So if you're looking for a Attorney that has Your Back from Day 1 and Never Gives Up on You or Your Case, then look No Further than Chris Detwiler and his staff. A special thanks to Carleen and Erin.
Mr. Detwiler and his staff were awesome from beginning to end. When I called to see what my sons options were for his traffic ticket, Mr. Detwiler was very down to earth and "real". He explained everything and gave us best and worst case scenarios. When I hung up I didn't feel like my son was just another case to Mr. Dewilder. I knew he would do his absolute best to get the best result for my son. He genuinely cares and does everything in his power to get a "win" for his clients. Thank You!!

Criminal Defense Frequently Asked Questions

You must understand your rights, and if you are arrested you have the right to remain silent and not to speak to law enforcement officers without an attorney present.

The most important thing within your control is to stay quiet when accused by law enforcement, as anything you say or do can be used against you when charged and prosecuted. If you’re wrongly accused of a criminal offense, it’s crucial to take immediate and strategic actions to protect your rights and future. Firstly, secure a skilled defense attorney who can assemble a dedicated team to work on your case. This team will be instrumental in gathering evidence, formulating a criminal defense strategy, and ensuring that your side of the story is accurately represented. Remember, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty, and having a competent criminal defense attorney to maintaining that presumption. Exercise your right to remain silent and avoid discussing your case with anyone but your attorney, as anything you say can be used against you. Trust in your defense lawyers to navigate the legal complexities and work tirelessly towards achieving favorable results. Their expertise and commitment can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. If you are wrongly accused of a crime and need legal representation by a Raleigh criminal defense lawyer, Chris Detwiler at The Law Office of Christopher R. Detwiler, PLLC is here to help.

To discuss fees and payment options, please contact the office to set up a free consultation to discuss the specifics of your criminal case. At that point, Chris can have a greater picture of potential costs for your case.

Until you have your initial free consultation, the legal strategies that would work for your specific case are unknown. All criminal cases have unique, individual qualities that relate to that specific case only.

“Criminal lawyers” and “criminal defense lawyers” are often used interchangeably, but they differ in specialization. A criminal defense lawyer is specifically trained in defending against criminal charges, with expertise in trial tactics and defense strategies. They handle tasks like negotiating deals, formulating plea bargains, and gathering evidence for defense. In contrast, a general lawyer may deal with various legal areas but might not possess the specialized knowledge in criminal defense. Thus, while all criminal defense lawyers are lawyers, not all lawyers are specialized in criminal defense.

From a good criminal defense lawyer, you should expect a unique set of skills dedicated to investigating your case and gathering evidence to support your defense. This criminal defense attorney will work tirelessly with their team to formulate robust defense strategies, ensuring that every aspect of your case is thoroughly prepared for. They will engage in daily activities like client meetings, reviewing evidence, and researching ongoing cases, which are crucial for building a strong case on your side. Additionally, a competent lawyer will handle responsibilities like calling and cross-questioning witnesses during the trial, negotiating plea bargains to potentially reduce sentences, and offering realistic predictions about case outcomes.

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime in North Carolina, contact the office today to get started on your journey toward proving your innocence.

At The Law office of Christopher R. Detwiler, PLLC, Chris Detwiler fights on behalf of his clients with the primary goal of winning your criminal case and avoiding jail time or other detrimental long-term consequences.

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