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Traffic Law

Whether it’s negotiating a reduction of the charge or fighting your ticket in court, Chris will work hard to achieve the best possible result for you in a variety of traffic related violations.

Tickets and Traffic Violations Lawyer In Raleigh, NC

A traffic ticket can do more than just ruin your day. A traffic ticket can raise your insurance rates significantly, and serious traffic violations or numerous tickets can result in the suspension or revocation of your driver’s license.

Chris accepts a wide variety of traffic law cases, including the following:


Illegal Passing

Following Too Closely

Driving Without A License

Driving While License Is Revoked or Suspended

Stop Sign Violations

Stop Light Violations

Reckless Driving

Aggressive Driving


Highway Racing

At-fault Accidents

Passing A Stopped School Bus

Chris also can help those unfortunate individuals who have had their license revoked or suspended. If he cannot help you get your license back immediately, Chris can try to get you a limited driving privilege while your license is still suspended or revoked. Contact Chris today using the form below, or call us at (919) 526-7545 if you need help with any of these problems, or if you have any other traffic issue that you need resolved.

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